MACS & Hugo Stinnes at Breakbulk Europe

Between the 29th and 31st of May 2018 the MACS and Hugo Stinnes Team hosted a booth at the Break Bulk Exhibition - Europe in Bremen.


From left to the right: Jason Hall, Marie von Rumohr, Jens Kroczek, Alexander Freiwald, Joachim Sielbeck, Jef Scheynen, Patrick Barao Martins, Dirk Stöterau, Eddy Rondeaux, Mark Smith, Olaf Wiedemann, Paul-Luca Bendixen, Steffen Wiegratz


This year the exhibition was moved from Antwerp to Bremen for the first time and we took the opportunity to present our newly designed stand with our sister company Hugo Stinnes Schifffahrt.

We would like to thank all our guests for paying us a visit!
It was an absolute pleasure to see you at our booth!
We look forward to seeing you again next year in Bremen (21st – 23rd of May 2019)