Classification + Face Lift Red Cedar / Bright Horizon

Within the past 12 months, we have successfully dry docked two of our vessels.

The MV Red Cedar was dry docked in July 2016 and spent 10 days at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg. All tests and preparations for the classification have been done to the full satisfaction of the classification society DNV-GL and MACS. During the stay at the ship yard the vessel got a complete make over and is now proudly displaying our fresh outer appearance.

The MV Bright Horizon followed the same procedures in May 2017 and spent 11 days at the shipyard of Blohm & Voss and enjoyed the same classification program and “beauty” treatment.

Both dry dockings had been planned well in advance with significant proactive measures employed to ensure that we at MACS maintained our regular service without any delays in the liner schedule.