Implementation of 24 hrs rule in South Africa

The South African Government is implementing the Reporting for Conveyances and Goods (RCG) project.

For all containerized cargo arriving as of 20th April 2018 in South Africa the manifest details need to be reported to the customs authorities (SARS) latest 24 hours prior loading of the containers. The rule is applicable for all containers discharged in South Africa including transshipment containers (such as for Mozambique, Angola etc).

The charterers / shippers shall provide all necessary information to the carrier and/or their agents to enable the carrier to submit a timely and accurate cargo declaration. This requires that shipping instructions be submitted in full as instructed by the carrier and / or their agents, however no later than 48 hours prior to vessel’s commencement of loading.

We refer in this respect to the MACS Special Trading Terms and Requirements for SA-Shipments as listed on our website.

The new rule is applicable for all shipments starting with MV Green Mountain v.8208 and MV Baltic Mercur v.1818

Should there be any queries please contact any of the MACS sales offices or agents.


To download the official statement of the South African Revenue Services please click the link below.